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short fiction   24'      writer / director       psychological fantasy      2019

After a traumatic stillbirth, a woman starts to believe the ground below her apartment becomes pregnant.

Palm Springs Shortfest

Atlanta Film Festival

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival

Underwire Film Festival (nom. Best Director, Best Producer, Best Sound)

IndependentDays Film Festival

Pingyao International Film Festival

NewFilmmakers LA (nom. Best Int'l Short, Drama)

Femme Filmmakers Film Festival (win: Dog Tooth third prize; Best Female Performance; Best Sound Design)

Asian American International Film Festival (win: Excellence in Short Filmmaking)

Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival

HiShorts! International Short Film Festival (win: Best Progressive Director)

Online premiere Short of the Week.      Interview 1  Interview 2  Interview 3

film still.jpg


short fiction   15'      writer / director       psychological thriller      2018

A lost Chinese girl hitchhikes her way to London, without speaking English.

Underwire Film Festival

Dhaka International Film Festival

HiShorts! International Short Film Festival

Oaxaca Film Festival

International Film Festival Signes de Nuit

Flip Flops_Film Still 1.jpg


short fiction   16'      writer / director       psychological thriller      2015

Ana wakes up after a fight with her boyfriend and finds him gone on a winter beach.

Short Shorts Film Festival

International Short Film Festival in Drama


Asian Film Festival of Dallas

Chicago Blow-up Arthouse Film Fest

LETS CEE Film Festival

Hong Kong Arthouse Film Fest (win: best director, best short)

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